Customer First Always:
Give first priority to customer needs. Look to build enduring relationships with customers - internal and external. Differences should be communicated in the spirit of relationship building.
Organization Above Self:
We believe that individual, team and department actions will be driven by organization goals.
We believe that there cannot be teamwork without mutual trust. Trust is fundamental to our business and will guide all internal and external interactions.
High Standards:
We believe that excellence can be achieved only by setting benchmarks that challenge our full potential as an organization and as individuals.
Shared Ownership:
We believe that ownership of success or failure in achieving organizational or team goals is shared by all.
Spirit of Adventure:
Uncertainty is our business and we believe in continuous innovation and creativity to meet challenges head-on.

Respect for Diversity:
We believe that diversity is our strength and it needs to be nurtured. We recognize that team members have varying backgrounds, competencies and ideas and constructive action results only when opinions are aired and understood.

Legal Compliance:
All business activities of Continental Insurance Limited must conform to all applicable national and international legal requirements. Continental Insurance Limited shall also comply with applicable anti-bribery/ anti-corruption rules and regulations in all their business activities.



  Code of Conduct:
This code of conduct is based on the values of the company. The purpose is to ensure that all employees, managers and executives within Continental Insurance Limited, will live an act in accordance with these values and principles. The code is designed to give a broad and clear understanding of the conduct expected from all our employees everywhere we do business. Continental Insurance Limited is committed to conduct its business in an ethical, legal, and responsible manner. Continental Insurance Limited, therefore, has established this Social Responsibility. Code of Conduct as an application and is committed to ensuring that this code is respected in all its facilities, all over Bangladesh. Recognized standards as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) or the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions were used as references in preparing this code. The principles there below refer to these standards.
Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment:
Continental Insurance Limited shall not engage in any discriminatory practices. Discrimination means any distinction, exclusion or preference limiting equality or opportunity of treatment in employment or occupation, which may be based on color, sex, religion, political opinion, age, national, social or ethnic origins, family obligations or any other considerations in this matter. Continental Insurance Limited also commits to a workplace free of any kind of harassment.
Compensation & Benefits:
The company ensures that no wage is lower than the applicable legal minimum. Continental Insurance Limited does not deduct or withhold pay for disciplinary reasons or force terms and conditions for employment. Compensation paid to employees shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits.
Working hours:
Continental Insurance Limited ensures that applicable legal restrictions on working hours are met. The maximum allowable working hours in a week are as denied by national law and the corresponding standards of the International Labor Organization. Overtime is restricted according to local legal and contractual obligations. Employees have two days off each week, apart from exceptional circumstances and for a limited period of time. The work organization provides for rest breaks as necessary, in order not to affect the safety and health of the employees.
Prohibition of Forced Labor:
Continental Insurance Limited does not use forced or compulsory labor, meaning all work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered him voluntarily. Also retention of identity documents from personnel upon commencing employment is forbidden.
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining:
Continental Insurance Limited recognizes and respects employees’ freedom of association and
their right to freely choose their representatives and ensures that employee representatives do not suffer any discrimination. The company also recognizes employees’ right to collective bargaining.
Health & Safety at Work:
The company ensures that the workplace and its environment do not endanger the physical integrity or health of employees. Action to reduce the causes of accidents and improve working conditions is the object of ongoing programs. Training related to safety and health in their work occupation is provided to employees. Employees must have access to drinking water, sanitary equipment and social rooms, built and maintained in accordance with applicable legal requirements. The workplace and environment has to provide for emergency exits, ire protection equipment and proper lighting. Additionally adequate protection for non-smokers has to be provided.
Procedures and standards for waste management, handling and disposal of chemicals and other dangerous materials, emissions and effluent treatment shall at least meet legal requirements or exceed them.